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Sorry about the extremely long hiatus, I got preoccupied and forgot to write more. I will try to update Lonely No More by the end of next week. It really just depends on how busy I am.
I have never been this bored before. I tried to reread the Attack On Titan manga Volumes 1-13, watch anime, even writing the  sequel to Lemon, but I am just so bored. Also my mom thinks I am going insane. I looked at her and told her, "Don't you have to be sane to go insane?" Yes I know it was a question but you probably get my point. Anyways this is a late warning, but this is just going to be me rambling on and on and on. Anyways I was just about to leave my barn after I rode Onyx when I magically fall. And me being stubborn and thinking I am fine, I didn't go to the local Urgent Care. It happened almost three days ago and it hurts like a bitch. My mom told me I probably have a hairline fracture or a bruised bone. So now here I am bored with nothing to do because I am missing school and stuck watching my younger brothers. Can this day get any better? (oh sarcasm how I love you). So I might just try to think of more ideas for TV. Also if anyone has any story requests  please message me. I was also thinking about reading my stories on my YouTube channel. Should I?  If I do it will be at the beginning of next year.
I seriously think I need more friends.
Another thing I would like to know is should I start uploading my builds from Minecraft? I also need to start playing my guitar again. It is just siting in the corner of my room with the amp.
Well I think thus is a good spot to end my rambling. Let me know what you think.


United States
I have two horses, Onyx and Savannah, have a Geman Shepard, Shorkie, and Great Pyrenees.

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