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Sorry about the extremely long hiatus, I got preoccupied and forgot to write more. I will try to update Lonely No More by the end of next week. It really just depends on how busy I am.
I realized that my new story has a mistake in it. Deviantart will not allow me to edit it, so until I can, the mistake will have to remain. Sorry about that.
Random Chibi Drawing by BLEACHFMARXJFREAK
Random Chibi Drawing
As the title says it is a random drawing of a Chibi. I was bored.
It was another normal day in the large city of Kyoto. You were traveling to visit your mother, who was sick. You lived with your father, so you could be closer to your other family. Your parents had an argument and called it quits. You loved them both dearly, even after all that has happened.

You were walking into the street, but was stopped by someone grabbing you. You shrieked and fought, desperate to escape. Your captor put his hand over your mouth to muffle your screams. You thought it was the end, until you heard something, more like a katana being drawn. You then heard someone say, "You have to the count of three to release her, or I will kill you. Without thinking for long, you bit the man's hand and then kneed him in the stomach. You turned to the person that was going to be your savior.

"Thanks for distracting him. Now if you will excuse me," you say to the man. You quickly looked at him and saw a light blue haori. You knew what that meant. He was part of the Shinsengumi. You have heard stories about them from the travelers that stopped at your village every so often. You were however not scared at all.

"Just try to be a little more careful," was all he said.

You continued to your mother's house, still a little bit scared after what happened to you. You walked through the streets, listening to the laughter off the children and the sound of the vendors, shouting what they had. You wandered a little more, finally coming to a stop in front of the house that your mother was living in.

You walked up to the entrance and announced that you had arrived. You were greeted by a faint voice, granting you permission to enter. Once you entered you looked for your mother and found her on the floor, coughing up blood.

"Mother!" you shout, scared from the scene that was in front of you. Finally pulling yourself together, you quickly trot over to your mother, helping her up and walk her to her room. Once you had laid your mother onto the futon. You run to the well outside and pour some water into a cup. You take the water back into the house. You gave your mother the glass and she quietly thanked you.

"How long have you known?" you ask your mother, upset that she would hide something that important.

"I am sorry (y/n). I should have told you sooner," your mother apologized. She had another coughing fit, along with it came more blood.

"I will go get a doctor, mother. I will be back soon." With that you left the house.

You walked through the streets, looking for a clinic. You had found finally found one after an hour of looking. You walked in and asked if the doctor could help your mother.

"I can't guarantee that your mother will live, however, I will try to stop the coughing fits as much as I can. You may want to start thinking about the inevitable," he quickly replied.

"Thank you Yukimura-sensei."

You lead him to your mother's house and show him to your mother.

"If you don't mind, would you please leave the room? I would like to talk to your mother." Yukimura-sensei asked. You nodded your head and exited the room quietly. You stood outside the door and listened in on the conversation.

"You don't have much time left. You may have two weeks left," he told your mother. You started to tear up and ran off, making sure that no one heard you.

You ran into the yard and sat behind a sakura tree. You cried for a bit, then wiped your face. You stood up and walked back inside. You decided that you would help your mother until she died. You also would stay in the house instead of going back to your father. You didn't want to lose the house you grew up in.

Time Skip

You sat with your mother in her room. She became worse within a couple of weeks. She grew paler and was coughing up a lot of blood. She became weaker and was bedridden. You became scared when your mother grabbed your hand.

"(y/n), I love you so much, but I have to go," she said and soon closed her eyes, taking her last breath. You started crying, not wanting to believe that your mother was gone forever.

"Mother, please don't leave!" you sobbed, holding her hand. You didn't want to believe that this was reality, but sadly it is. You released your mother's hand and just looked at what was now your mother's corpse.

Your mother was buried the next day. Not many people attended. Your father didn't even show up. You then realized that you were alone. Your father soon stopped sending letters to you. You walked home, taking the longest way back. It started to rain, but it didn't bother you. You looked up at the sky, crying quietly. The rain and tears streamed down your face.

You heard someone walk up behind you and saw that man that helped you a few weeks ago.

"Is something wrong?" he asked, coming closer. You took a step back and remained silent. You were not one to burden people with your problems. You looked down, trying to hide the tear stains on your face.

"No, everything is fine," you lied. You wanted to be strong, but you couldn't hold it in anymore. You started to sob and collapsed onto the ground. You looked down in shame for crying in front of someone you didn't even know.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me," you apologize. You see a hand in front of your face. You look up and grab his hand allowing him to pull you up.

"It's alright. May I know what made you cry?" he asked. You hesitated at first, but told him everything, from your mother dying from tuberculosis to your father practically abandoning you.

"Would you mind telling me your name?" he asked.

"My name is (y/n)," you answer him.

"Nice to meet you, I am Harada Sanosuke," he replied.

To Be Continued

Lonely No More {Reader x Harada Sanosuke}
This is chapter one of the series. I am not sure how many chapters there will be. I am hoping to write at least five chapters. Anyways, hope you enjoy. Sorry if it is a little short.
I have never been this bored before. I tried to reread the Attack On Titan manga Volumes 1-13, watch anime, even writing the  sequel to Lemon, but I am just so bored. Also my mom thinks I am going insane. I looked at her and told her, "Don't you have to be sane to go insane?" Yes I know it was a question but you probably get my point. Anyways this is a late warning, but this is just going to be me rambling on and on and on. Anyways I was just about to leave my barn after I rode Onyx when I magically fall. And me being stubborn and thinking I am fine, I didn't go to the local Urgent Care. It happened almost three days ago and it hurts like a bitch. My mom told me I probably have a hairline fracture or a bruised bone. So now here I am bored with nothing to do because I am missing school and stuck watching my younger brothers. Can this day get any better? (oh sarcasm how I love you). So I might just try to think of more ideas for TV. Also if anyone has any story requests  please message me. I was also thinking about reading my stories on my YouTube channel. Should I?  If I do it will be at the beginning of next year.
I seriously think I need more friends.
Another thing I would like to know is should I start uploading my builds from Minecraft? I also need to start playing my guitar again. It is just siting in the corner of my room with the amp.
Well I think thus is a good spot to end my rambling. Let me know what you think.


United States
I have two horses, Onyx and Savannah, have a Geman Shepard, Shorkie, and Great Pyrenees.

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